Simple Ways To Keep Stainless Steel Sparkling Clean

Stainless steel appliances, pans and kitchen gadgets are quite attractive stuff to have at home, but proper maintenance is needed so they keep that eye-catching look and sheen at all times. Cleaning stainless steel gadgets can be a problem for some, so knowing the right way to do it is highly essential.

Stainless steel is known to resist rust and is less prone to corrosion; that is why it has become a highly desired material in kitchen construction and home appliances. But it is also prone to grime and dirt, as well as finger marks and blotches that destroy their gleam. It is important to note that stainless steel surface lines follow a pattern, and the basic rule for maintaining their best appearance is to follow these grid lines when cleaning them.

Water marks also tend to accumulate on this type of surface, so it is important to wipe they thoroughly dry immediately after washing. You can use warm water and mild detergent to remove water marks that have started to build up. Use a soft cloth to rub thoroughly over the water marks – never use a scouring pad as this will scratch the surface. Remember to wipe dry afterwards. If your kitchen towel goes damp after wiping, follow through with a fresh dry wipe to remove the moisture thoroughly.

Glass cleaners are great for removing fingerprints from stainless steel. They also provide a protective coating for lesser blotches and marks. Another alternative is to use a mixture of 50 ml of distilled vinegar for every half-liter of water. You can spray this mixture on your stainless appliances or countertops to remove fingerprints and blotch marks.

There are also commercially prepared cleaners if these home remedies don’t work for you. Just remember to test the formula on a small portion of your kitchen appliance or gadget to see if it doesn’t harm the surface.

These tips will make the job of cleaning and maintaining stainless steel gadgets, countertops and appliances much easier for you. Stainless steel is great material – you just need to know how to maintain them properly so they will last you a lifetime.

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Why Digital Transformation Is Private Equity’s Sharpest Tool

Private equity groups are always looking for the sure thing – it’s part of their culture. It’s not surprising they’ve been so slow to embrace Digital Transformation, but money is usually pretty conservative. So here’s a wake-up call for anyone in private equity – you need to take Digital Transformation seriously and make it one of the tools of your trade.

Private equity has to create value in its acquisitions. That’s pretty obvious and we know the common strategies. In the past, a private equity firm would acquire a business with the intent of growing it and hopefully acquiring another, putting them together and building greater value for both companies. Part of that process would involve creating efficiencies within the new company through economies of scale and instituting better practices for sales, marketing, supply chain and operations.

That’s what Digital Transformation is all about – creating greater efficiencies and best practices – but for the digital age – not the steam age. Private equity has to realize scale is not the only efficiency – from customer management systems (CMS), to building out robust e-commerce engines, to exploding a brand, Digital Transformation can turn around an undervalued company and absolutely smash competition with just a bit of digital vision.

Digital Transformation affects all aspects of a company – and each aspect represents another potential growth point for private equity. Think about this: private equity firms always worry about losing key employees after an acquisition. A well executed Digital Transformation always includes a clear digital vision delivered to the company first – and always considers how to improve its employee’s work experience by utilizing every chance to supercharge internal processes and efficiencies. Think how that will affect morale during a take-over – and help improve ROI.

In fact, private equity firms would all be wise to initiate a Digital Transformation within their four walls. You can’t just pound your chest like a gorilla – you have to rip the antiquated doors off your own walls. Sure, hedge funds are computerized out the yin/yang but private equity firms struggle. In addition, how well do they manage their own digital presence and their public digital profile – their leadership casting? Are they active on the social media front? Are they providing opportunities for top talent to share their vision – and build their digital profile? Everyone in PE firms know a sharp suit is important for first impressions – so help your firm, and your people, look sharp on the web.

These are just a couple of examples of how Digital Transformation can affect both the efficiency and culture of a company – before it even addresses creating greater revenues and new markets. Every PE firm in the world should be making Digital Transformation part of their tool set before they are the ones that get out transformed!

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Computer Vision Syndrome

Almost everyone these days is using a computer for work or play. We spend a lot of time staring at our computer screens and many people are experiencing vision related problems. The eyestrain, blurred vision and headaches that often come with computer use are called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Studies indicate that up to 80% of computer users have vision related problems or CVS. Many computer users do not associate their symptoms with the time they spend on the computer. Some assume that their headaches or eyestrain are from job stress, or that their tired eyes are an expected part of their job. Computer glasses are special glasses designed for your computer environment. They will make your computer time more productive and comfortable.

One of the causes of CVS is due to the nature of text and graphics on a computer screen. The image on a monitor is created with pixels of light, which are glowing dots that are brightest at their center, with their luminance falling to zero towards their edge in a bell-shaped fashion. Print on paper usually has sharp high-contrast edges.

The human visual cortex has special cells that are very good at recognizing high-contrast edges like print on paper. These cells are important to our basic visual perception system, because much of what we see as a “thing” in the natural world is shaped by high-contrast edges. Our eyes can lock onto sharp contrast edges but have a difficult time maintaining exact focus on a pixel-created edge.

When we look at a computer screen, our eyes have to exert muscular effort to focus for that distance and must ideally maintain that effort as long as we are looking at the screen. In fact, what happens is that the focusing effort gradually relaxes and then must be re-focused to the plane of the screen. Over time the muscles fatigue and CVS symptoms become apparent.

Computer Ergonomics:

  • Lighting in most offices is too bright for comfortable computer use. If you can reduce the lighting somewhat it will help. Watch for glare from doors, windows or reflected glare from surfaces. If you wear glasses when working on the computer they should have an anti-reflection coating on them.
  • To minimize strain and eyestrain, the monitor should be 20 – 30 inches away from your eyes. You should be looking slightly down at a 15-degree angle. Use an adjustable chair with full back support
  • In many offices the air is dry due to air conditioning and heaters. When the eyes become dry the vision blurs and the eyes feel irritated. To make it worse, when we stare at a computer our rate of blinking slows, drying the eyes even more. Lubricant eye drops often help.

If you are experiencing eyestrain, blurred vision and headaches associated with your computer use, see your eye doctor. Why put up with the eyestrain, blurred vision and headaches if you do not have to?

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The Dark Cloud Over Youth Sports

Who of us hasn’t witnessed the unpleasant scene at a youth athletic event when a parent has gone over the top in his remarks to an official or a coach or a player, often his or her own child. It has become an all too frequent occurrence in the arena of little league sports.

The benefits of being involved in youth sports is significant. Not only do young people learn skills and hone natural talents but they can also meet new friends and enjoy the benefits of being involved with individuals who have similar interests to their own. Unfortunately, for some, those benefits are being challenged by the damaging effects of boorish behavior on the part of parents who are often trying to relive or reinvent their own past.

It’s sad when a parent who should be their child’s biggest fan and number one cheerleader instead takes on the role of antagonist. To see a parent humiliate their own child in front of their peers is heartbreaking. The slump of their young shoulders and the light that instantly leaves their bright faces is made even more tragic with the knowledge that this type of abuse often causes permanent damage to a young psyche.

Sports should provide a positive experience, not a negative one. It should add to the enjoyment and fulfillment of ones life, not diminish it.

It was an exciting and educational time for my children when they involved in youth sports. They learned to take direction from their coaches who knew far more than they did about the nuts and bolts of playing the game. They developed relationships that enriched their lives and skills that improved their self esteem. It was an overwhelmingly positive experience for the most part. There were a few occasions when a coach stepped over the line a bit when trying to make a point but thankfully those times were infrequent and the memories of those days are very pleasant. The times that a parent flipped out and let loose with a tirade against one of the coaches of his own children are sealed in our memories as well and have left a bitter taste.

If only these errant parents could cheer on their kids with an unconditional acceptance of their efforts and mistakes. If they could just allow their kids to be kids and experience the highs and lows that come naturally as part of any growing experience without adding their unnecessary and unappreciated input. If only they could sit in the stands and enjoy the experience and allow others around them to do the same. Wouldn’t it be nice.

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