Benefits of Using an Integrated Software Solution in a Fashion Retail Store

Integrated software solutions are the need of the hour for most big organizations which handle their operations from multiple locations or need to keep a track of different units of business. Integrated packages move data among several programs utilizing common commands and file structures. It is also recommended when identical source of information is to be used for varying purposes and activities.

Increasing competitive pressures, slim margins, high occupancy costs and erratic supply base present challenges to retailers in achieving operational efficiency and earning desired profits. A reliable and dynamic integrated software goes a long way in helping retail business to boost its store management and increase profits. With implementation of integrated software solutions in a fashion retail store, you can efficiently manage all crucial data concerning:

· Point-of-Sales
· Retail Inventory
· Customer tracking
· General Ledger
· Check book
· Accounts Receivable
· Accounts Payable
· Scheduling
· Rental accounts

Retail store owners can access and edit complete data information database by coordinating point of sale software, accounting software and ERP software into one integrated retail software.

Point of sale software is used to calculate total sales and operate the cash drawer. It adds up the sales total, figures the state sales tax, calculates the change back from the amount tendered and automatically adjusts the store inventory levels to debit the amount of inventory sold.

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software helps to save in terms of labor costs and freight charges. The system handles every aspect of retail operations including estimation, order entry, scheduling, purchasing, inventory and financial records.

Accounting software records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and trial balance.

The distribution software is used to manage order purchasing and inventory control as well as accounting, purchasing, sales and financial management. It helps a fashion retail store to control internal and external resources efficiency.

Fashion retail stores can additionally avail the fashion software for creating pattern design, grading, marker layout with a CAD drafting system can also be used by retail stores to improvise upon the quality of their own products, if any.

Australia based “esuite” offers totally integrated solutions for On-Demand Business Software. There is no complicated importing and exporting between Point of Sale or POS Software, CRM, and accounting. An efficient Management Information System [MIS] aids in matching the KPIs of a business with the desired levels of profits. To ensure that you have the right information available to take important business decisions, integrated software solutions are the best tools.

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