Copy Video Games – Latest Software Makes it Easy!

Tired of sticking your old video games into your console only to find that it has a scratch on it and it can no longer be read? Have a massive video game collection that you want to make a copy of quickly and easily? Think it’s basically impossible to actually copy a game? It is actually getting faster and easier with the latest game copy software

Gaming companies have employed several security measures that are constantly updated regularly and with each video game system. This keeps you from just sticking the game in to your PC and copying the files from it to your hard drive and then placing it on a blank disc. If you haven’t tried this don’t, it’s a waste of time and of a blank media disc and it just plain won’t work. The reason these security measures are constantly updated is to keep people from burning copies of video games and reselling or distributing them. The gaming industry has no issue with you actually making a copy of a game for your own use, but when it leaves your hands that is why new security measures are constantly added to the latest games.

So what can you do if you want to simply backup your game collection? If you search the internet for “copy video games” you’ll come up with over 98 million results. Now not all of these is different software, but there are literally hundreds of items claiming to copy games. Most of these have issues with the latest security measures. So how do you weed through all of these and find one that actually works? Follow the following guide.

Here is what you need to look for:

• The software should bypass the latest encryption
• It should be regularly updated so it stays on top of the gaming industry security
• It shouldn’t cost more then $50, there are several items available out there that do what you need it to do for less
• It should allow you to also backup your DVD movies
• It should come with a money back guarantee or some sort of way to get your money back if you aren’t 100% satisfied
• The software should come with free email or phone support
• Lastly, it should be able to copy video games for any of the latest consoles

If you follow the above guide and verify it can do all of these then you definitely have a winner. There are only a few out there that I know of that come with free support, don’t allow them to charge you for support as it should come free with the purchase. Phone support here is a major advantage since sometimes communicating effectively through email on exactly what you don’t understand or what isn’t working can sometimes get fairly confusing. Also, a quick word on backing up your DVD movies. The software should allow this since backing up your movies works the same as if you back up your game. One that cannot do both should be a red flag. Lastly, verify with the software producer that it can bypass the absolute latest security measures. If it cannot, then your latest video games and any future ones cannot be copied.

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