Simple Ways To Keep Stainless Steel Sparkling Clean

Stainless steel appliances, pans and kitchen gadgets are quite attractive stuff to have at home, but proper maintenance is needed so they keep that eye-catching look and sheen at all times. Cleaning stainless steel gadgets can be a problem for some, so knowing the right way to do it is highly essential.

Stainless steel is known to resist rust and is less prone to corrosion; that is why it has become a highly desired material in kitchen construction and home appliances. But it is also prone to grime and dirt, as well as finger marks and blotches that destroy their gleam. It is important to note that stainless steel surface lines follow a pattern, and the basic rule for maintaining their best appearance is to follow these grid lines when cleaning them.

Water marks also tend to accumulate on this type of surface, so it is important to wipe they thoroughly dry immediately after washing. You can use warm water and mild detergent to remove water marks that have started to build up. Use a soft cloth to rub thoroughly over the water marks – never use a scouring pad as this will scratch the surface. Remember to wipe dry afterwards. If your kitchen towel goes damp after wiping, follow through with a fresh dry wipe to remove the moisture thoroughly.

Glass cleaners are great for removing fingerprints from stainless steel. They also provide a protective coating for lesser blotches and marks. Another alternative is to use a mixture of 50 ml of distilled vinegar for every half-liter of water. You can spray this mixture on your stainless appliances or countertops to remove fingerprints and blotch marks.

There are also commercially prepared cleaners if these home remedies don’t work for you. Just remember to test the formula on a small portion of your kitchen appliance or gadget to see if it doesn’t harm the surface.

These tips will make the job of cleaning and maintaining stainless steel gadgets, countertops and appliances much easier for you. Stainless steel is great material – you just need to know how to maintain them properly so they will last you a lifetime.

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